Last updated: July 27, 2021
First uploaded: July 27, 2021

This page regards the information upon trading Steam items with the user, ktg5.

PLEASE NOTE: Informationon on this page MAY CHANGE overtime (Buying/Selling), but for now it's just how it is.

At this moment of time, I will not ask to buy or sell your items nor will I allow my itmes to sold to others. I only trade items within Steam.

When it comes to trading, I will look at prices for each item in the trade. At times I may look at your profile for more information about yourself and may ask questions. Once your trade has been sent, I will either accept or decline it. I will not decline the trade if you ask me to decline it.

If you are buying skins from a 3rd-Party and then reselling my knife on another or the same market, do not ask me about how the site works -- I barely know anything about most 3rd-Party sites.

If I have any questions about the trade, please respound within 24 hours after the time the message I sent to you or I will decline the trade.