No angels. No angels.

today, i wanted to voice my opinions about my thoughts on Twitch vs YouTube.

i'm not the first to say it, Twitch as a service is awesome, but the community/staff behind it is terrible. they're a suffering company that's been losing more money by the year that is ran by a money-hungry company that is just it's own beast.

i wish there was a service out there like Twitch that wasn't ran by Twitch, but there hasn't been anything close to that in a while.

i've thought of recently switching to YouTube even know i've discussed many times how YouTube has screwed me over. YOU CAN'T EVEN WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE WHEN STREAMING ON YOUTUBE, you need permission from the people first before watching their video first. this may not be true but i got a strike for it and is why i stopped streaming on YouTube.

another thing with YouTube is it's chat; it's not as unqiue as Twitch, with there being channel points, community emotes like 7TV, TTV, etc. there is that broswer extendion that Ludwig owns called, "truffie" which is currently only for a select few of YouTube streamers -- invite only (wish it was open to everyone soon).

i might possibly try out streaming on YouTUbe sometime again this week to see if streaming on there is more enjoyable or if i get another strike for something "dumb" again.

No angels.
No angels.